BACK for 2021 – The Fixed Price BUSINESS HEALTHCHECK

Do I need a Business Healthcheck? You need to take care of your business just like you do your body, and, just like your body, sometimes there are areas you forget or don’t have time for.

This is the question you should be asking

*  if you haven’t met your financial targets
*  don’t believe you, or others, have full cost visibility on spend areas
*  are concerned that there are areas which can give more benefit.

Most business managers will feel they have optimised their process and spend areas yet Pickwick Consulting have NEVER YET failed to find improvements and savings in the areas they have reviewed.

So what have you got to lose, if we don’t show you benefit there’s a service guarantee available – it’s a win/win for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Business Healthcheck It is a fixed price, 1-2 day review, which can either be targeted on areas which are giving you concern or an ‘outside view’ on areas which could give you benefits and savings.

What do I get? An experienced consultant and initial consultation, data collection by, and analysis from our consultant and a management report detailing current practices, options and potential savings and other benefits.

What is the likely benefit? – This depends on the situation and areas reviewed. Over the past 5 years we have averaged savings of @ 20% in the areas reviewed.

How much does it cost? – £0 – £997 dependent on your business needs, size, budget and saving potential.(excludes VAT and expenses)

You mention cost at £0, is this a misprintNo, we occasionally offer our services at a £0 up front cost and instead share a percentage of the savings we realise (or agree). This is particularly helpful to smaller businesses where any saving may appear wiped out by an up front fee. Talk to us to see what is best for your company – and to help you – assume indicatively that the likely benefit will be @ 10%-15% of an area you ask us to look at, so you can judge for yourself likely savings…… and remember this is year on year saving too, whilst the fee is a one off!

Is there any more commitment?No, other than what we contract between us, for example you may subsequently decide to contract us to deliver the saving for you, but this is not obligatory and would be subject to a separate agreement between us, we could even discuss a result share if you preferred.

What do you need from us? – Your support and an hour of your time for the project set up, 30 minutes of any key managers time and any relevant supporting data e.g purchase ledger data. NB We maintain total confidentiality and abide by the Data Protection authorities recommendations.

Is there a service guarantee? – YES – We offer a service guarantee, see separate terms and conditions.

Do you cover all countries? NO – unfortunately the fixed price business healthcheck is only available in the UK at present – however Pickwick Consulting have conducted bespoke healthchecks and other assignments for clients World-Wide, so please get in touch.

How do I book a Business Healthcheck? – clickhere   to register