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Our services are designed to improve the performance of your business, making it more efficient so you get more profit.

Why Use Us?

What Our Clients say


They focused on Business need and not ‘budget figures’, and provided us with a clear cost visibilty which surprised us because they showed us we were wasting money in areas we thought we had under control

Low Risk

They were a ‘Low Risk’ option for us. They have a proven track record of success and operate an open and honest business model which allows you to stay informed and in control whilst they stay and deliver the benefits. Put simply they put their money where their mouth is and also guarantee their service.


We were in a ‘creeping breakeven’ situation and nothing we did seemed to change that. The PCL team were great, they mapped out our business processes and helped us better understand the way we actually worked, they then worked with us to change the things that were holding us back.


They provided us with the time and resource we lacked and because they did all the work it didnt take up our staff’s time either, unlike other consultants we have had in the past.


The range of skills they could call on was remarkable and seemed endless, Project, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Change, Process to name just a few. But they had very clear objectives and thus limited the input to pure essentials to meet our needs, thus keeping costs to a minimum.


We knew there were things wrong and indeed had a number of issues to address that never quite seemed to hit the radar screen. Pickwick Consulting quickly sorted that for us, prioritising the areas according to benefit to us and then quickly taking action to realise those benefits and giving us increased profit, it all happened in a matter of weeks!


We had a few areas we didn’t know how to handle and the advice we received provided a clarity on what we needed to do in those areas, It was also very helpful to have a ‘fresh set of eyes’ provide a sounding board for our own ideas and give us comfort in what we were doing was the right thing for our business.


We admitted to having a lack of knowledge in certain areas, especially in the ‘best practice’ and ‘profit improvement’ fields where keeping upto date with new thinking and technology is hard. Phil Pickwick’s team not only gave us that knowledge they instilled a continuous improvement culture in us and provided a knowledge transfer to my staff as well.


Phil Pickwick and his team fitted in perfectly with our business, they were easy to get on with but professional and business focused to solve our client concerns. They were flexible and they did not have a ‘one size fits all’ mentality and tailored their input to what we needed. In short we found it hard to believe they were ‘external’ consultants.


We operated very much day to day but weren’t too sure where we should have been heading longer terms. They did a business review on our current processes and helped focus us on where we wanted to get to, they then helped us develop meaningful and measurable milestones to get to our goals.

Problem Solving

We knew there were things wrong but couldn’t put our finger on what. I was sceptical about employing ‘consultants’ but It was quite enlightening and refreshing to see the calm professionalism the Pickwick team went about their disciplined problem solving methodolgy and the way they fully supported their conclusions making it a no brainer for us.


We needed to ensure on behalf of the shareholders, that our thinking was the right way to go and then to provide an audit trail for the proposed changes and subsequent implementation. Pickwick Consulting, through their disciplined project management model gave us this in a clear and concise format.

Ask Yourself Honestly

Do any of the above ring a bell in your company?


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Fill in the simple form on our contact page and let’s set up a short informal meeting (at NO COST TO YOU) to see how we can best work together to improve your business.

Business Review

Our experts will conduct a short business healthcheck of how you are operating now and your aims for the future

Agree Best Option

We will evaluate our findings and assess the options available.
We will then discuss these with you for YOU to decide the way forward
YOU STAY IN CHARGE at all times.

Profit Improvement Delivered

In line with the agreed options action plan, we will stay and implement the requirements and deliver the benefit for you.

From Our Founder – Phil Pickwick

Make Your Own Opportunities

Pickwick Consulting know we can help you, but a little like winning the lottery, you have to be ‘in it to win it’.

We have an average hit rate of 20% savings on key areas from our past savings  projects – now wouldn’t that be helpful to YOUR business?

We’ve also helped businesses with their strategies, processes, procurement and sense checked ideas that their top teams had come up with – all with the benefit of an independent fresh pair of eyes.

The hardest thing for you is to make the first contact with us, so we’ve made it simple.

Our first meeting is FREE and has no commitment – so if you like what we say, then great, and if you don’t – then no hard feelings we’ll wish you well and won’t bother you again.